From The Beginning….I Was Nothing – Colorie Moi Jolie

the prelude of my existence sent you falling to your knees
tears streamed down your face as you held onto the sink’s corner
there you were gasping for the last bit of air that seemed to exist

a thousand doubts brought complete chaos to your mind
the hand that remained free clinched your heart to comfort its anxiety
there you were with your whole body growing faint like it was all a dream

the only thing that keeps you from dying is one thought
your legs raised you up to face the reality of it’s reflection
there was nothing in your eyes except cold, lifeless, desperation

reaching for deliverance, you accept its convenience and depart

it is weeks later before the first suggestion of relief comes across face
your arms cover over your body to hold in its weakness
what was there once, was now nothing
as it was, as you believed

~ Colorie Moi Jolie

*** Music for Reading: She Remembers by Max Richter ( Covered by ThatCelloGuy)



If I Remembered – Colorie Moi Jolie

If the warmth in your eyes was all that I’ve ever known
If the sincerity of your smile was all that I had
If the compassion that you’ve showed me in how you cared, I realized
If the courage that you exemplified through trials, I cherished
If the vulnerability that you shared with me, I admired
If the empathy in your words that you said, I embraced
If I could just remember all these ways that you have showed me who you are, it would be all that I needed to love all that you are.

– Colorie Moi Jolie

*** Music for reading: My Heart Will Go On by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra:

Ocean Sunsets – Colorie Moi Jolie

  my eyes were captured by a dream

  a fiery gaze stares right into the depths of my soul

  it confesses to me a knowledge that is far greater

  and that will continually give me more than

  I ever could have imagined

my soul has become lost in its graceful sway

the calamity of its surface soothes me softly

 it reminds me of the peace that was

and renews me with the hope that there will

be left more

my being was given a chance to breathe

the shadows that follow offer me simplicity

and as the day ends, it’s purpose remains

for me to share in its sweet serenity

~ Colorie Moi Jolie

*** Music For Reading: God’s Closest by Marcelos Zarvos







When Two Say Goodbye – Colorie Moi Jolie

/ face is buried deep in the depth of your chest

as if it could remain there forever

If it wasn’t for the obligation that I have to live

the slowest hours have turned into the quickest

the smallest moments have turned into the greatest ones of all

it is only now that I have realized the value of time

but the tight surroundings of your arms give me gratitude

the soft drops of tears that lay on my shoulder give me peace

for i know that the both of us share the privilege that it is to be missed

and the rarity that it is to be loved

as I release you from weight of my arms

our sadness will be overcome with joy

as I could have never imagined anything more

~ Colorie Moi Jolie

*** Music for reading: Cast Away by A. Silvestrig

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Swings – Colorie Moi Jolie

/ distance between us is closing in

for the higher that the chains allow

the nearer that I am to you, heaven

my internal soul has become lost in the state of new gravity

for I have reached a new understanding in greater heights

my depression becomes lighthearted as I welcome the rush of freedom

my arms are weak as they anticipate an unexpected deliverance

my breath inhales what has happened and it

exhales in relief as to what is to come

in one great moment,

the chains break

moments of flight exist &

I have become


at last.

~ Colorie Moi Jolie

*** Written as I listened to “There Are Worse Games To Play/Deep In The Meadow”, the suite by James Newton Howard


While We Were Young – Colorie Moi Jolie

/       imagination,

carefully guarded from maturity’s

     embarrassment,      wide-eyed

                       curiosity  covered by the

shield of necessity for growth,

Childish      indifference

preserved in light of

                    parental inadequacy



controlled at the hand of

                contemporary belief



          distracted by an

impulsive need for


~ Colorie Moi Jolie

*** Music for reading: “Broken Hearts” by M. Ortega